Living in the modern civilization, human beings still maintain the primal urge of being closer to nature. Meanwhile, the lack of courage and the connection with nature we have left behind makes it frightening and horrible for man to go into the nature. However, we found a way to fulfill our urge — public parks. Human’s interpretation and rules of nature mixed perfectly in parks. Builders planted trees, placed rocks, planned different areas.... Everything is under per- fect control, to unleash timid human beings going into the “wild”, the manmade wild.

Nowadays, kids running and playing on the rocks like the squirrels jumping between trees. I saw the tension between human and nature, I heard the conversation between a tree and a kid, gravestones and light, a swimming pool and a mountain.... I can’t just jump to conclusions about what is nature and what is not. The ambiguity of the mixed edges causes interesting enigmas.

As products of nature ourselves, the way we behave in parks, which are products of civilization, shows another enigma. Both of them are mixtures. The isolated statuesque figures in my photos are usually in motion but with weird poses. I saw those people as symbols of a dreamy state of loneliness, which means it’s our destiny to be born isolated with each other and the nature. But somehow we still have mysterious connection with the environment and illusions of nature, just like the reason we built parks.