2014-2015, Inkjet prints

The word “Gender” has a different meaning to me. In general, it is very common for people to write distinguish gender category right after the names, such as “male” and “female”, “man” or “woman”, and “ Mr.” or  “Miss.”. Literally, people are used to defining a person by genders. At this point, on the contrary, there are three aspects I would like to propose in order to defend those who have a conflict with the general definition of gender, which are physical aspect, apparent aspect, and psychological aspect.


Honestly, there is a psychological illusion through which people are not supposed to tell the gender immediately in terms of the “Appearance”, it thereby legitimates me to reveal the situations of these “Neutral” people.


The attempt to focusing on four Chinese young models including myself who are encountering the doubt of gender from people is to critically unfold our mental conditions, health, self-confident as well as sadness, confusion, and struggling, etc., and at the meanwhile unleash our confinement on the gender per se to another level at which people are able to realize our lives.